May 2017 Artist of the Month

Spencer Pullen, is Charlotte County's May 2017 Artist of the month.  Spencer Pullen has many years of experience and he says he loves photography and teaching others what he knows about photography. Currently, he has decided to try something different. He made the plunge and purchased a large format field film camera. These types of cameras were used by some of the most famous photographers in our nations past. He uses 8x10 film and develops and processes his own negatives. This gives him total control over the final print and how it is presented to the viewer, he says. You can view some of Spencer Pullen's work on his website at

"The hands on process of loading the film, composing the scene, taking the photograph, developing the film and then creating the print, gives me a deeper appreciation of every photo I take. I have to say that I don’t miss digital. It’s great to hold a 40×50 print in your hand!" -Spencer Pullen

The United Arts

The Arts & Humanities Council is the designated Charlotte County agency for all the disciplines of art. You will find that we provide and offer many opportunities for the arts to thrive in Charlotte County.

    • Art in Public Places exhibitions, Art on the Harbor, the Dancing with the Charlotte Stars competition, and other Charlotte Arts programs provide showcase opportunties for artists
    • The community is invited to art receptions, musical and theatrical performances, festivals and more, while sponsorships, memberships, donations, and grants help expand cultural opportunties locally.

Art in Education


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